Сборка сервера Lineage 2 Interlude от aCis rev. 189

Размер: 15 мб
Хроники: Interlude
Разработчик: aCis

Описание: отличная сборка, для того, что бы создать сервер Lineage 2 Interlude. Очередные правки и исправления от команды aCis, которая работает на Интерлюд хрониками.

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- Основной instance + 2 НПЦ instances.
- Добавлены недостающие НПЦ в спавнлист.

- Q620_FourGoblets был добавлен.
- Команды: //invis, //vis, and //invis_menu, теперь в одной: //hide.
- ГС показывает использованную память.
- refactor of SocialAction packet.
- "Patrols" guards исправлено окно чата.
- core implementation and DP activation for "reuse" and "initialDelay" for DamageZone;
- addition of the warning icon for DamageZone.
- deletion of ZONE_ALTERED (pointless).
- addition of items at character creation.
- only first classes got those datas, which is not the actual L2J way (actual loads items even for post 1st class transfer o_o). Consider reporting if you find an issue.
- Addition of (a tweaked version of) L2TownPet instance, ty Sentinel/Vhalior for initial share.
- Mini clean on items (those datas are already implemented).
- Drop of the duplicate spawns for Orfen, Queen Ant and Core. Valakas big teleporters have been dropped aswell (handed by future AI).
- spring cleaning on variables names, deletion of some booleans (behavior can be handled differently, so...)
- some behaviors disappeared (resskills, floatskills (?)).
- addition of suicide behavior for NPCs (activation at 30% HPs -- need surely to tweak it depending of skill/monster later), not a general skill anymore.
- addition of a minimum and maximum skill luck (between 7 and 15% by default from now, before it was 15%)
- Addition of a timer on pickup action.
- Tweaked existing animation timers, based on speed run now.
- Fixed a typo in Q006.
- the little window is now correctly working, showing party details aswell. "Quit" button works too. Ty Hellish for report.
- addition of missing packet, && correction of existing ones.
- correction of a hi5 L2J bug related to CC (issue when inviting a party leader by the way of a party member).
- all custom messages (around... 15 ?) have been replaced for retail ones.

- channels commands (creation, delete, info) have been cleaned up.
- clan penalty has been improved (use of StringUtil instead of TextBuilder).

- L2LvlUpData has been dropped (useless stuff).
- L2ArmorSet and AutoChatHandler have been cleaned up/refactored.

- Items reuses are fixed (both scrolls and potions). I hope it's final implementation.
- Elixirs-type skills now display successfully the reuse in shortcut bar.
- Addition of Q018, ty Richijs4 for share.
- little fix on Q037, ty Vhalior for testing.
- correction of some HTMs typos, and 5 emptys bypasses.
- Golden Ram crews got their own instance, showing htms following state quest (3 different HTMs for 2 NPCs, 2 diff for 2 others).
- Addition of a missing NPC (corpse).
- Mercenaries sentries can't speak. Move the check from "chatWindow" to "onAction" method (avoids stuff such as random animation, and so on).

- Addition of Q276 and Q509, ty fernandopm for initial share.
- Addition of getClanLeaderQuestState() method (see Q509 for the use).
- Paagrio -> Pa'agrio typo in all HTMs and quests.
- Better use of Quest stuff. Now consider to use isCreated() / isStarted() / isCompleted().
- Fix all NPCs instances who weren't yet invul + immune to effects. If you find a mistake, please tell it fast (so far no issue for Artefact, perhaps signet stuff ? I don't think so.)
- Fix the sex save at player's restart, ty Vhalior (I don't miss you emo).
- Added retail-like Dance of Protection core + DP (30% resist to terrain-type damage).
- Added Plague Golem (activation + some little fixes).

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LokaR | Пятница 16.09.2011 00:45 [Материал]
спасибо который залил???=)

Renaissance | Четверг 15.09.2011 22:50 [Материал]
лучшая сборка из шары, ядро оптимизировано, реализация Фрея ветки, молодец разработчик! Спасибо




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