Сервер Goddess of Destruction L2InCore Rev. 2

Размер: 15 Mb
Хроники: GOD
Залито на: Turbobit

* FIX key packages.
* Changed the basic stats of the characters.
* The maximum character level 99.
* Download ArmorSets moved from friendly XML in grade sets.
* Prepared for the implementation of procurement Jump (jumping movement).
* Added Armor / Weapon / Jewerly / Etc articles.
* Easier installation base.
* Implemented a new engine and buyLists merchants. Loading single sheets carried from XML (Required Test)
* Cleaned up assembly, cleaning debris and refactoring.
Changed location of spawn characters all races.
* Populated with new Talking Island on GOD and cleaned the old city from the spawn.
* The admin panel in the section "Teleport" added the major locations GoD'a.
rev 1 -> rev 2
* Admission to the Academy: Level 75 3 without the profession.
* Terms of graduation: 76 Level 3 profession.
* Changed the number of the PKK for the release of Academician: 290-2000 depending on the level of reception.
* Academics 70 + receive same rules and responsibilities klanvarah as ordinary members of the clan.
* With the death of Academician 70 + in klanvare PKK are not deductible.
* FIX "miscarriage" third member of the party.
* Rewrote the tab "Class" in the admin panel + added classes awakening.
* The level of pupils changed from 86 to 99 levels.
* Fixed a sharpening of R-grade.
* Fixed auto use and Soul-Spirit shots R grade.
- Changed the influence of the basic stats of characters:
* DEX - removed the influence of the rate and the chance to proc Shield.
* CON - added impact on the operation panel.
* Improvement of the html engine + added UnicodeReader.
* Added system Custom Messages.
* Starts correctly on systems with * nix.
* The new spawn Dragon Valley and Lair Of Antharas + droplist to the new mobs.

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