Сборка сервера L2J-Frozen rev. 794

Разработчик: L2J-Frozen
Размер: 16мб
Хроники: Interlude
Платформа: Java
Залито на: deposit,turbobit
Год: 2011

[DP] Fix on offline trades table to allow same item sell in offline mode, fix to hero weapons chance skills (to update weapons, just modify your table deleting the onCast skills from Infinity Rod [6614] and Infinity Scepter[6616])

[CORE] Little improvement on Configs MMOCore (removed unuseful configs), added exceptions logs to investigate about disconnections, little improvement on set position function to avoid some criticals, other minors.

[DP] Complete CleanUp skills 0400-0499.

[DP] Update lethal values like L2OFF, corrected Turn Undead, corrected Mystic Immunity.

[DP] Fixed Frenzy with Pole, Update all Augmentations STUN, starting CleanUp Augumentations 3000-3099.

[CORE] Fixes to some core exceptions.

[CORE] Admin spawn update, exception fixed.

[DP] Little fix to offline trade table drop query

[CORE] Added some exceptions log in order to understand something more about random disconnections, fixed some exception during Oly info save and Skill save, little fix on reload "faenor", little refactor on Knowlist

[CORE] Fix to Valakas Script in order to be Retail like (camera working and also skills), other minors

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