L2jServer Core.4630 DP.8024

Размер: 13 Mb
Залито на: deposit

Fix List:
BETA/STABLE: Fix for Heal for L2BabyPets by Zoey76.
BETA/STABLE: Damage skills + Debuff effects shouldn't be affected by Physical Skill Evasion, thanks Triumph.
BETA/STABLE: Fixing minor typos in two Vorpal Armor Sets, thanks burrito.
BETA/STABLE: Fixed Missing '''pvpPower''' & '''pvePower''' in some skills, and some wrong values.
BETA/STABLE: Missing things from [8005] also cleanup some condition that are already done.
BETA/STABLE: Minor fix for Seed Of Destruction Stage 1 by UnAfraid (thanks Triumph for report).
BETA/STABLE: Cleanup Items Conditions, also added some missing.
BETA/STABLE: Minor Fix for Q401.
BETA: Added Q146 in Java and updated.

Thanks malyelfik.
BETA/STABLE: Let's avoid users modify the original '''npc.sql''' table. Users should use '''custom_npc.sql''' table.
BETA/STABLE: Code format and small fixes.
BETA/STABLE: Cleanup redundant values in skills.

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