L2JImpulse Core Rev (11.47) ~ DP Rev (1.76)

Размер: 18 Mb
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[1]• Fixes for Phoenix Blessing and evading blow skills. 
[2]• Fix for effect stucking in several occasions. 
[3]• Fix Avoiding possible effect stucking if task become null, 
but thread was interrupted before effect removed completely.
[4]• Datapack:Fix Skills(Checked and tested):
* skill id="400" name="Tribunal"
* skill id="401" name="Judgment"
* skill id="402" name="Arrest"
* skill id="403" name="Shackle"
* skill id="404" name="Mass Shackling"
* skill id="405" name="Banish Undead"
* skill id="406" name="Angelic Icon"
* skill id="407" name="Psycho Symphony"
* skill id="408" name="Demonic Blade Dance"
* skill id="409" name="Critical Blow"
* skill id="410" name="Mortal Strike"
* skill id="411" name="Stealth"
* skill id="412" name="Sand Bomb"
* skill id="413" name="Rapid Fire"
* skill id="414" name="Dead Eye"
* skill id="415" name="Spirit of Sagittarius"
* skill id="416" name="Blessing of Sagittarius"
* skill id="417" name="Pain of Sagittarius"
* skill id="418" name="Quiver of Holding"
* skill id="419" name="Summon Treasure Key"
* skill id="420" name="Zealot"
* skill id="421" name="Fell Swoop"
* skill id="422" name="Polearm Accuracy"
* skill id="423" name="Infernal Form"
* skill id="424" name="War Frenzy"
* skill id="425" name="Hawk Spirit Totem"
* skill id="426" name="Battle Force"
* skill id="427" name="Spell Force"
* skill id="428" name="Inner Rhythm"
* skill id="429" name="Knighthood"
* skill id="430" name="Master of Combat"
* skill id="431" name="Archery"
* skill id="432" name="Assassination"
* skill id="433" name="Arcane Roar"
* skill id="434" name="Necromancy"
* skill id="435" name="Summon Lore"
* skill id="436" name="Divine Lore"
* skill id="437" name="Song of Silence"
* skill id="438" name="Soul of the Phoenix"
* skill id="439" name="Shield of Revenge"
* skill id="440" name="Braveheart"
* skill id="441" name="Force Meditation"
* skill id="442" name="Sonic Barrier"
* skill id="443" name="Force Barrier"
* skill id="444" name="Festive Sweeper"
* skill id="446" name="Dodge"
* skill id="447" name="Counterattack"
* skill id="448" name="Summon Swoop Cannon"
* skill id="449" name="Summon Attractive Cubic"
///can be safely updated no errors in the console shows (gs).


[5]• Fix Quest items should not be visible on inv .. warehouse list. 
[6]• Update players speed on weight changes correctly. 
[7]• Fix CP bug. 
[8]• Fix:Preventing mobs to enter in "returning to spawn point" mode (mobs disappearing inside walks).
[9]• Fix:Small fix for Guards and Chest instances. They don't move in random in retail.
[10]• Fix:Wrong number of created items (cursed bones for example). 
[11]• Fix for buying manor seeds. 
[12]• Fix:broken manor if server restarted after 6AM. 
[13]• Fix PvP Flag (thanks for report Ickarus/zZzOverDoseZzZ). 
[14]• Fix:Nickname color after you are flagged. 
[15]• Fix for Shadow items mana consumption when you are dead. 
[16]• Fix for weaponsAllowed:
* Now if you use a buff and change the weapons, 
buff is not removed (this fix is specially for Totem's skills and some others).
[17]• Fix/Update:Monastery. _Added file: L2DecoInstance.java 
[18]• Fix Orfen. 
[19]• Fix DrChaos. 
[20]• Fix door.csv 
[21]• Fix/Update: Zone System. 
[22]• Fix Orfen : 
* Doesn't Dissapear When Hp is <50%. 
[23]• Fix/Update Quest Engine (Part 1/25). 
[24]• Fix/Update Quest Engine (Part 2/25). 
[25]• Fix Sailren.
_Remove the old one sailren.py and added new Sailren.java
[26]• Fix Scripts.ini
[27]• Fix Zones.
[28]• Fix Baium Archangels.
[29]• Fix Minions.
[30]• Added RaidBossPointsManager.
_Added sql file:character_raid_points.sql
[31]• Fix Baium. 
[32]• Fix Antharas: Remove the old one antharas.py and added new Antharas.java 
[33]• Fix GameServer: 
* Missed RaidBossPointsManager. 
[34]• Fix/Update Monastery AI. 
[35]• Fix:Shutdown.java: 
* Rewrite code(Server shutdown effect.). 
[36]• Fix:L2AttackableAIScript. 
[37]• Fix/Update:grandboss_data.sql 
[38]• Typos. 
[39]• Added Fortress of Resistance:
* Fix GameServer.java
* Fix Config.java
* Added new config GMFortSiege.
+ Added some files:
- AdminFortResist.java
- FortResistSiegeManager.java
- L2FortResistSiegeZone.java
[40]• Fix for gm shutdown logging + typos. 
[41]• Fix for minions in bosszone: if master killed they trying to return to null spawn.
[42]• Fix shadow weapons and rods can't be augmented. 
[43]• Fix shutdown loginserver before data is saved on shutdown from console. 
[44]• Fix NPE in StringUtil. 
[45]• Fix Weight overflow. 
[46]• Fix Reducing visibility of the _skills in L2Character, does not need to be protected.
[47]• Fix Shadow items can't be crystallized, Also disabling crystallize of the time-limited items.
[48]• Fix player with karma gets death penalty with 100%. 
[49]• Fix PvP and PK counters increased only if killing players, not summons/pets. 
[50]• Fix Double-commit. 
[51]• Fix When the item that you choose on a multisell is stackable you cannot edit the Quantity box.
[52]• Fix ArrayOutOfBoundsException? : clan reputation and fame multisell.

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