Ява от L2jServer Core.4514 DP.7818

Хроники: Freya
Разработчик: L2jServer
Платформа: java
Размер: 23 mb

[spoilerFIX LIST]'''Admin Command Handlers:'''
* AdminEditNpc con.close() change to L2DatabaseFactory.close(con).
* AdminTeleport con.close() change to L2DatabaseFactory.close(con) and small typo fix.
* AdminSkill Small fixes (Now skill list is broadcast to edited player's clan not GM's clan ).
* AdminShowQuests con.close() change to L2DatabaseFactory.close(con).
* AdminMammon Typo fix, removed admin_msg from class.
* AdminBan con.close() change to L2DatabaseFactory.close(con).
* AdminZone Small typo fix.
* AdminHeal Small typo fix.
* AdminEditChar Typo fix, rework for admin_tracert, gatherCharacterInfo and editCharacter.
* AdminChangeAccessLevel con.close() change to L2DatabaseFactory.close(con).
* AdminMessages new class to hold the removed command at AdminMammon.

'''Voiced Commands:'''
* Wedding con.close() change to L2DatabaseFactory.close(con).

Missing from Changeset [7806]
XML: Fix for Ticket #4654.
XML: Ekimus Skills.
XML: SSQ Zones.
XML: Fix for Ticket #L5343 by VlLight.
SQL: DP-Part for [L4512] (skills that are autolearned, can't be learner from NPCs).
JAVA/XML: Extractable Skills Rework, big thanks Zoey76! '''NOTE:''' Require Server [L4513].
XML: Updating '''Bless the Blood''' skill code a bit (fixed trigger to match retail way).

JAVA/XML/SQL: Pet Managers and Enriched Pet Food update by Zoey76

* Item Enriched Pet Food for Wolves.
* Skill for Enriched Pet Food for Wolves.
* Add handler for Enriched Pet Food for Wolves.
* Merchant Buylist update for Pet Managers up to Freya.
* All food skills confirmed retail like.

XML: Removing duplicated condition, thanks momo61.
SQL: TEMP FIX for Summons Stats, using hardcoded (but retail like) formulas by SQL-Query (now summons should match 99.9% retail stats), thanks Adry_85.
XML: Removing some more duplicated conditions, thanks momo61.

Fixed observer handling for traps. Also traps should not attack own team.
Support for Cubics maxcount by nik (If cubic maxcount is reached, the cubic should go idle until its lifetime ends. Use -1 to disable this feature).
Support for '''critAddVuln''' by nik.
Potions & Elixirs can be used during casting other skills, thanks '''antons007''' and Copyleft/momo61 for tests.
Fear can abort cast, thanks denser.
XSD: XSD for ipconfig.xml by UnAfraid.
Fix Auto learn skills by Zoey76
CORE-Part for [DP7813] by Zoey76.
Fix for Ticket #5348
Удалены все копирейты // (c) F.u.N

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