Ява от команды L2Universe ревизия 1859

Разработчик: L2Universe (L2j-Infinity)
Хроники: Freya
Платформа: Java
Размер: 23 mb

Datapack for tvt round.
Some missing licenses. We may get in trouble.!
Trunk DP: Fix for /unstuck exploit (while FEAR is active)
Trunk DP: Fix for [595] on BugReports. (NPE on quest 195_SecretRitualOfThePriests)
Trunk DP: Fix for [570] on Bug Report (Hellbound teleport don\'t work with config)
Added Droplist
Project Name
Trunk GS + DP: Implementing a custom, raidboss \'peek\' functions, allows a user (noble/gm) to see the area on raidboss lists.
Re-fix to quest 195.
Trunk DP: Missed files on last commit (tortoise didnt listed them...)
1\'st. CustomSetings is in ExternalConfig.java, not in config.java. so who did this : Don\'t create custom settings in config.
second: added pc bang points id in tvt and multisell as ingredient or production.
No Karma TW enabled
Mob ID in MonsterRush fix
Pre fix for Freya java. NullP.Exc. Code Format
Fishing Zone (partial fix)
Fix for no unstuck msg.
Drunk DP: Fix for TARGET_CORPSE_AREA_MOB skill. (no skill type were tested, assuming you were always using a sweeper skill)
Trunk Core: Fix for npe on UpdateRegion
Trunk Core: Isolating \'sweep\' skill type on skills that has TARGET_AREA_CORPSE_MOB as target.
Trunk DP: Fix for [607] - SystemMessage Id invalid parameter count.
tocl is only for clan leader
Trunk DP: ShadowWeapon htm replacement, removed old (and unused bypass). Thx Herk for reporting.
Trunk Core: Fix for [607], thx Herk for reporting. (noClassDef Exception on CastleManorManager)
Some Sync With L2jserver Fixed .classpath and more
Renamed remotely
Renamed remotely
CleanUp and Typo Fix

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