Ява сборка от L2jServer (Core.4508 DP.7805) Freya

Описание: Сборка сервера L2jServer
Разработчик: L2jServer
Хроники: Freya
Версия: Core.4508 DP.7805
Размер:  23 MB
Залито на: letitbit

Paralyze fixes by me and JIV, referenced changesets:6731,6733,6737,6738.
Some rework of canBeStolen() function, making ManaHealOverTime,CPHealOverTime and Paralyze effects stealable.
Referenced changesets:6825,6827,6834.
Un-finaling one more function in olympiad.
Fixed observer handling for traps. Also traps should not attack own team.
Support for Cubics maxcount by nik (If cubic maxcount is reached, the cubic should go idle until its lifetime ends. Use -1 to disable this feature).
Support for \'\'\'critAddVuln\'\'\' by nik.
SQL: Fixing lvlupgain.sql table (now decimal values will be stored properly), also fixed kamaels stats and some others values by Adry_85.
DP for [L4503]
XML: Some Transformations and Kamaels Skills fixes, thanks Adry_85.
XML: DP-Part for [L4507] also added Primeval Potion skill by Adry_85.
XML: No Restart Zones (disabled by default) for future usage, also moved some more zone vertices to xml.
XML: Cleanup skill/effectType \'\'\'\"WEAKNESS\"\'\'\' is not needed.
XML: Various Skill Fixes for some: Herbs, Weapon Mastery (mage & shaman), Soul Cry, and two Fortress NPC Skills, thanks Adry_85.
XML: Fix for Ticket #L5333.
XML: Some Zone Names for //zone_check
XML: DP-Part for [L4508]

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