Ява L2jServer Core.4502 датапак 7794

Разработчик: L2jServer
Хроники: Freya
Версия: Core.4502 DP.7794
Размер: 23 MB

Список фиксов
Admin menu for Gracia Seeds.
XML: Updating Vesper Amor Sets skill code a bit.
Fix for the problem with delayed cast, thanks papadkostas for report. Not tested.
XML: Updating Dynasty Amor Sets skill code a bit.
JYTHON/HTML: MagicPowerOfWater\Fire quests changes to Freya, thanks qwerty13.
JAVA: Some retail spawns for events, thanks LasTravel.
minor cleanup
XML: Minor Pet Skills Updates, thanks tan.
XML: Fix for Ticket #L5334.
XML: Fixes for some Talisman, Frenzy & Rabbit Spirit Totem skills, thanks Adry_85.
XML: special="freezing" in two Freya skills and a code format.
XML: Fixing activationChance in some item skills, fixing some Belt skills, minor fix in Patience skill, and some others skill fixes, thanks Adry_85.
XML: Fixed enchant '''Cost''' in '''"Servitor Heal"''' skill and updated code a bit.
JAVA/XML: Support for HPCPHEAL_PERCENT by Tan, and some fixes in: Herb of Doubt, Banish Undead, Psycho Symphony, Demonic Blade & Banish Seraph skills by Adry_85.
XML: critVuln still use mul order.
SQl: Fix for Tickets #L5315 & #L5339.
XML: Fix for Prominence, Hydro Blast & Hurricane skills, thanks Adry_85.
JAVA: Fix for Ticket #4689, thanks UnAfraid.
XML: Mobs that level up crystal from Level 1 up to 10, default chance should be 9% (verified with retail) thanks Adry_85 for report.
XML: Minor Fix for Ticket #4690, thanks Premiere.
XML: WTFix (double effect), thanks Zoey76.
XML: Fixes in some Item Skills, Lucky Strike, Golem Armor & Flame Icon, thanks Adry_85.
XML: Moving ScriptZone vertices to XML, also added skill 5715 by qwerty13 (reworked).
SQL: Re-Fix Ticket #L5315
HTM: Fix for Ticket #4691 by anakim.
XML: Missing Zone Oo (probably deleted accidentally since long time ago).
Support for hitConditionBonus (AccCombat is affected by different conditions), thanks nik.
Fix for #DP4685 by nik
[4493] (int -> double) by nik.
Core Part for [DP7782] by Tan.
Extractable skills load fix by Zoey76.
MySQL Connector/J 5.1.15
Missing Freya PvP Items List, thanks burrito.

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Lancaster | Понедельник 28.02.2011 20:53 [Материал]
L2jserver кал! Не доводять ничего до конца....




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