[Share] Pack NPCs 2010 by Foxer (IL) v1.1

This package include:
- A common npc level descender.
- A custom freight for those items that are not tradeable, non sellable and non dropeable.
- A crafter who can make things even without all materials, must pay the difference.
- A shop of Weapons, Armors and jewels already enchanted.
- A semi automatic AIO generator.
- A buffer where indicated by their html files their buff and prices.
- A manager or administrator of a donor list that uses the following buffer.
- A clanhall buffer which can only use members of the clans that appear on the donor list managed by the manager of it.

All are for chronic Interlude and come in versions L2JArchid, L2Jequal, L2Jenova y L2JTeon.

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ZEN756 | Пятница 01.07.2011 23:08 [Материал]
да а по русски можно прописать было ? ((




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