Сборка сервера Freya от команды l2jserver рева 7690/4438

Разработчик: l2jserver
Размер: 21 mb
Хроники: Freya
год: 2010

•DP: 4200-4299, 4300-4399.xml (needs check)
•DP: 4100-4199.xml (Antharas skills not changed, only commented how they should be changed, until new Antharas is done) (again needs to be checked)
•DP: 4000-4099.xml (needs to be checked) - Also recheck skill NPC Cancel Magic
•DP: 4400-4499.xml (needs to be checked)
•DP: First and most important part of passive mobs skills


•Same for skill type CANCEL.
•Fix wrong calculation in CANCEL effect, thanks Gnacik for report and test.
•Making logger visible.
•Some optimization and attempt to add geocheck while mobs run around player.
•Fix for PDAM handler: move damage directly to HP in core and try to always apply effects.
•Implement damage directly to HP (for players) in core.
•Fixed broken quest reward rates for enchant scrolls.
•Remove pet inventory contents from world on unsummon.
•Gatekeeper Zombies and Chapel Guards should not move.
•Little renaming.
•Queen Ant: all mobs now cast Raid Curse on players.
•Use timer-based healing instead of faction call-based.
•Additional value for field "online" in table "characters": 2 (detached).
•Check your websites for compatibility.
•Skill 21051, thanks Tan
•Send empty answers on non-existent crest requests for avoiding client flood.
•Remove debug info.
•Stop packet flood when player press "delete" key.
•Delete video-trigger npc only if world in the correct state.
•Update pet's experience based on level on load, for avoiding delevels.
•One little fix for SoD
•Max chances for disarm.
•No need to calculate mask each time. Also auto-sequencing masks of L2WeaponType and L2ArmorType.
•Two new skill parameters "minChance" (default is 1%) and "maxChance" (default is 99%).
•Define skill/effect land rate minimal and maximal chances, same for magic failure (MDAM, SPOIL, etc).
•You can make hard limits with it.
•NPC's area attacks affect only enemy clans (and playables, ofc). Remember what TARGET_MULTIFACE does not have any checks !
•Show zone names in //zone_check
•Little update.
•Zone name can be set in header too: <zone name="..." type="..." shape="..." minZ="..." maxZ="..." />
•Dont forget to update zone names in AI if needed.
•Added back zone names. Use <stat name="name" val="..." />.
•NPE fix.
•Typo fix.
•Little optimization.
•"is_stackable" is false by default.
•QA rework, zone still not supported.
•And DP..
•Revert back onSpawn() part of [6011] due to mobs spawned before L2AttackableAIScript loaded.
•DP part.
•Unhardcode minions spawn/die calls to L2AttackableAIScript.
•Each minion now can have different respawn time.
•Add new function useMagic() in L2Attackable and support AI_INTENTION_CAST (mob run to cast range).
•While core AI disabled mobs still do random walk (can be disabled separately) and do/respond on faction calls.
•Change logic of faction calls: use caller clanRange, not target, also ignore geodata (but not instanceId).
•Forget in previous commit.
•DP part for minions rework. GB's minions still not optimal.
•For Orfen and QA: minions will not abort their cast.
•Minions rework core part. L2MinionInstance and L2FlyMinionInstance are removed, now every monster can be both master or minion.
•Attackable AI cleaned, probability of the cancel skills decreased (maybe will need correction).
•Typo fix
•Fixed problem with all mobs passive after server load. Force AI creation on knownlist add.
•NPE fix in case of L2NpcWalker route absent.
•Core part for unhardcoding disableCoreAI().
•Unhardcoding disableCoreAI from core.
•Pay TvT Event participation fee on event start, not registration.
•Player removed from the list of participants if he unable to pay fee,
•number of participants checked after removal.
•Attempt to fix concurrency problems with instances..
•Fixing and unhardcoding paperdoll positions in quests.
•NPE fix
•Another "skillId 0 not found"
•Null check not needed here.
•Another attempt to fix NPE
•NPE fix
•Add some randomness to the autochat.
•Olympiad rework part 3: reward system (you can add several items at once) and several small changes.
•Also added ability to rejoin party for team matches participants.
•DP part for the oly rework 2. Doors and buffers auto-registered in the stadium zone, just spawn them.
•Olympiad rework part 2. More smart game generation (no checks in constructor), zone reworked.
If game creation was unsuccessful (opponent is offline) - first player/team returned to the pool.
•Corrected 3x3 points calculation.
•And another typos.
•Typo fix.
•Cubic damage fix.
•Should be minimum 5 points for team match (due to mathematical reasons )
•Do not display participants names in arena selection window too early.
•Support for removing buffs by Alt-Click from pets/summons.
•Support for party/clan buffs in 3x3 olympiad - buffing only own side.
•Typo fix in divider for non-classed games.
•... and another message.
•Fixed another "No skill info found for skill id 0" message.
•Fixed pet leveling problem. New function in PetDataTable?: getPetMinLevel().
•Added pet objectId to the error message for easy finding of the bugged pets.
•Fixing bug with message "No skill info found for skill id 5076 and skill level 0."
•Fix for message "No skill info found for skill id 467 and skill level -1."
•DP part for oly rework. Unhardcoded olympiad manager bypasses and html with 3x3 support.
•Olympiad rework, first part.
•Classes are separated, now OlympiadManager? handle registration process and OlympiadGameManager? - games.
•Using threadpool without wait and sleep (well, almost everywhere ).
•Olympiad system now use player's objectId instead of instance for registration.
•Oly buffers stored inside stadium and reused for next fight.
•Many other changes including 3x3 support.
•Several NPE fixes in L2Summon.
•Using old lvl-dependent formula for SPOIL, also cubic's debuffs using again own mAtk.
•Renaming getObsX/Y/Y to the getLastX/Y/Z (will be used in olympiad)
•Change FastMap? to TIntObjectHashMap (sorry Gigii..)
•Fixed item types comparing compilation problems.


•summon npc id.
•remove more store object.
•apply skills on etcitem equip.
•fix for summons.
•Debug msg if storing already stored obj in l2world. will help avoid possible errors.
•this check shouldnt apply on all etcitems, only arrows, bolts and lure (maybe some more?).
•inv update when transfer item from pet fix.
- disabling reusing removed nodes for shared list
- resize array on toArray(T[]), we are not j2me
•Condition zone for nodrop and nobookmark. Thx Punisher.
•memory leak fix for shared FastMap?.
•removing pets_stats from sql (again)
•sysmsg for helper pets.
•remove pets.
•to not confuse.
•better logging.
•terr status update. thx Charus.
•Better calculation for pet patk, mdef.
•Adding old pet skills back. Until get reworked.
•revert [6136], will have to wait some time.
•log info for missing pet data.
•sql update
•Start effect on effector for self effect.
•Core support for [6095]
•Fix for overriding zone names in <stat>.
•Little update update.
•i hope this not get broken :/
•Pet buffing master don't get effect on himself.
•pets matk, patk spd.
•some pet items update.
•Core support for npc critical. Pet weapons need update.
•reverse pet exp ratio...
•support for time limited pets (turtle, owl, etc..). Leave systemMsg missing.
•Add move mod to pets.
•Fix for npc speed bonus.
•remove pdef and mdef mod from pets.
•correct values for bleed.
•rework weaponAllowed
• default template lvl.
•you can unsummon sin eater.
•Switch to pet food data in xml.
•Dp part. Some stats levels are from retail data, so may not be real ones (contains commentary in xml).
•Pet stats rework. Support for lvl 86.
•Fix for read at BaseRecievePacket?. Thx Rize.
•DP support.
•Npc walker route rework. Thx Tan for XML part.
•fix for armor types again.
•fix fo sigils.
•remove fort functions on change owner. Thx Gnat for info.
•dp, shield mask changed.
•Fix for shields.

•bitmap for special effect type, easy to add new one, instead of adding booleans to char instances. Inspired by Forsaiken code.
•item documentation
•Extractable, do not random if amount is same.
•When pet run away because of hunger, leave items in player inventory. Not sure if is retail like but should reduce QQ about loosed items.
•Dual dagger hit twice, thx Gnacik for info.
•SystemMessage? update. thx malyelfik.
•DP cleanup.
•lazy initialization for notify quest on death.
•Fix for EffectZone? problem with dynamic skills
•Change map key/value iterator to entry iterator if needed both.
•Fix for pet moon walk
•forgot on dp
•unhardcoding pet paperdoll
•dp part of this mess.
-bitmaps for new items:
-SWORD - 1 - 0x1
-BLUNT - 2 - 0x2
-DAGGER - 4 - 0x4
-BOW - 8 - 0x8
-POLE - 16 - 0x10
-NONE - 32 - 0x20
-DUAL - 64 - 0x40
-ETC - 128 - 0x80
-FIST - 256 - 0x100
-DUALFIST - 512 - 0x200
-FISHINGROD - 1024 - 0x400
-RAPIER - 2048 - 0x800
-ANCIENTSWORD - 4096 - 0x1000
-CROSSBOW - 8192 - 0x2000
-FLAG - 16384 - 0x4000
-OWNTHING - 32768 - 0x8000
-DUALDAGGER - 65536 - 0x10000
-BIGBLUNT - 131072 - 0x20000
-BIGSWORD - 262144 - 0x40000
-NONE - 524288 - 0x80000
-LIGHT - 1048576 - 0x100000
-HEAVY - 2097152 - 0x200000
-MAGIC - 4194304 - 0x400000
-SIGIL - 8388608 - 0x800000
-Items rework, thx Gnat for XML part
-actually this contains more tweaks which i found...
-...and need little testing
•remove unnecessary ;
•When pet run away because of hunger, leave items in player inventory. Not sure if is retail like but should reduce QQ about loosed items.
•Dual dagger hit twice, thx Gnacik for info.
•SystemMessage? update. thx malyelfik.
•DP cleanup.
•lazy initialization for notify quest on death.
•Fix for EffectZone? problem with dynamic skills
•Change map key/value iterator to entry iterator if needed both.
•Fix for pet moon walk
•forgot on dp
•unhardcoding pet paperdoll
•Items rework, thx Gnat for XML part
•actually this contains more tweaks which i found...
-...and need little testing
•remove unnecessary ;
•items name
•typo thx Johan
•TODO list for items xml
•simple map for store elementals, its not so much faster but at least looks better
•items type
•fix for unequip bow or crossbow on relog.
•disable unequip arrows.
•close connection on failed login.
•Structure for ExGetPremiumItemList? is proly different.
•Support for wear + small cleanup
•Inv paper doll positions rework.
•Support for get paperdoll inventory index.
•manor buy packets rework - synchronize + cleanup.
•remove some unused stuff from zones.
•Fix for spawn improved babypets after passive skill assign.
•Fix for annoyng msg if babypet lvl is too low for skill.
•systextures from utx. its kind of huge, so careful.
•some default commands
•Confirm dialog for admin commands (selectable)
•Visualize zone with adena on floor.
•Cast fix.
•sync public svn
•Fix for Javolution report about recycled data. will post sources later.
•mana pot.


•Missed from previous commit comment: Thx Gnacik!
•Players with active SoD Stage 1 instance should port into the instance and not in Seed Energy Farm area.
•Do not start Territory War where Castle does not have an owner.
•Adding support for Seed of Destruction Defense state
•Gracia Seeds Manager
•INSTANCES: Adding lock to Seed of Destruction Status changes. Thx DS!
•DP part of Global Variables Manager
•Global Variable Manager
•QUEST: In two quests use rewardItems instead of giveItems
•Adding RateQuestDrop? to some Quests.
•NPE fix
•When a territory ward is moved into a Peace Zone, the ward is now returned to the location where it was acquired by its present holder.
•These npcs should not move.
•Different type of elementing items has different chances.
•XML: More set in correct place effectType and effectPower
•Reverting for now, this needs a better implementation
•Before adding new Buff to zone in Seed of Annihilation remove old one.
•SQL/XML: Fixing npc elementals.
•SQL: Updating Beast Farm/Primeval Isle/Seed of Annihilation npc skills and for Primeval Isle stats too.
•For now reverting L2Pet stat changes.
•SQL: updating npc stats to Freya.
•XML: Updating some passive mob skills to Freya.
•NpcStatAnalyzer? calculate initial Patk-Pdef-Mdef from data.
•SQL/XML: Adding Active skills to SoD mobs and finishing missing skills. Thx Tan!
•INSTANCE: Seed of Destruction Stage 1
•Dynamic minion spawn function moved from DP script to Quest.java.
•QUEST: Adding some more Raid Bosses to Enhance Your Weapon. Thx Probe!
•QUEST: How to Oppose Evil
•Option to use special Targets in doskill
•XML/JAVA: Support for Ancient Herbs which drops on ReedField?.


•zone xsd (thx jurchiks for multisell.xsd and Melerix for zones.dtd)
•multisell xsd, thx jurchiks
•multisell xsd, multisell ingredient/production comments
•L2World min/max coord fix
•master ishuma multisell update 2
•master ishuma multisell update
•item skill magic lvl fix
•enchant HP bonus update
•update henna price
•augmentation_skillmap.xml fix
•(elite) maguen pet_skills.sql
•castle merchant and suport unit captain multisell update (s grade shirt and bracelet, castle merchant magic related items fix)
•after admin kill set the invulnerability of the target back to previous state
•sry, little typo in last commit in npc.sql
•add freya Maguen pet - just for summon without ofi stats, thanks LasTravel?
•update RequestActionUse?
•added some skills table and pet skills table logging
•log.cfg fix
•active augmentation skill reuse fix


•reverting wrong commit
•little update
•Fixing Block Checker, dp side
•Fixing block checker, core side
-avoiding double instanceof check
•Handy's Block Checker event. Datapack side
•Handy's Block Checker event. Core side


•Core: CharTemplateTable? without trove map
•Core: Another fix
•Core: ThreadPoolManager? ScheduledThreadPools? do not throw any exception at all. A wrapper around the runnables do the job.
•Don`t wonder if you have massive exceptions in logs. They have always been there but was never logged.
•Core: Ohh forgot to remove that. L2j didn`t use Mersenne Twister at all.
•Core: Update Rnd.
At first we don`t need that "singleton-holder"! So keep it out!
Basically we now have 4 types of random.
UNSECURE_ATOMIC - Default Random
UNSECURE_VOLATILE - VolatileSeed? Random
UNSECURE_THREAD_LOCAL - ThreadLocalSeed? Random
SECURE - Default SecureRandom?
The plus of having this is that we can for example do Rnd.newInstance(Rnd.RandomType?.SECURE) to get a new instance with our default methods. InC use an own secure instance for Enchants.
The new stuffs are the volatile seed and the thread local seed.
Default is thread local.
We must make sure that we always read and store the whole 64bit chunk (1 long = 2 ints).
By default the AtomicLong? provide this, but this also limits the number of threads that access the seed at the same time to 1.
The volatile seed also provide reading and storing of the whole chunk but allow to have n threads access to the seed.
Of course it may happen that 2 threads generate the same seed but thats rare and we dont care anyways (makes it more random doesnt it? )
And well the last member is the ThreadLocal? seed.
So each thread has it`s own seed. So only the owner of the seed can modify it. Since the initial seed is random, too it does not matter, but we get an significant speed boost!
All those changes do not -beep- anything up or destroy the quality of the randomness, but allow you to raise the quality on stuff where you need it (for example enchants)
Benchmark 4 threads 1000000 loops each, shared random instance.
Time: ~6969ms
Time: ~17303ms
Time: ~162ms


•No need ot atkReuse here too..
•Quick Recovery SA is directly defined inside reuseDelay of the Weapon.
•Read "reuseDelay" from Weapons directly.
•Correcting some skills.
•New Stat.. Needed for some skills.
•First part of ActionType?'s. More to come.
•Smaller addon in Items.
•Since it doesnt compile on all Java versions..
•Start of ActionType? implementation. Will finish types later.
•Belt Skills with correct Values.


•DP: Birthday buff is kept when entering Kamaloka

I split in two the changelog because it was exceeding 25000 characters

- Olympiad system update. Announcer moved to the separated class, cache NPC's list and use NpcSay?? instead of text strings.
All games started at once to prevent time gap between game creation and countdown.
Defaulted and disconnected players not ported back (because they not on stadium).
Some other little changes to allow injecting of the games from scripts.
- SQL: Updating armorsets.sql (Included Friendship Armor Sets).
- XML: Missing skills for enchant +6 in some s84 sets, also fixing some Wolf skills
- XML: Minor skill fixes
- XML: Updating some more Bosses skills (Queen Ant, Zaken, Orfen, Baium, Valakas)
- XML: Updating Antharas & Antharas Subordinate skills.
- SQL: Updating admin_command_access_rights.sql.
- Minor fix for new MySQL
- Missing htm
- Remove custom items config.
- If participant(s) disconnected during fight opponent(s) should receive points and items.
Disconnect before port to arena handled in checkDefault().
- In retail olympiad token reward for the 3x3 teams games is 85 not 40.
- XML: Minor fixes in Subclass skills, Kesha Despair & Insane Crusher
- XML: fix reuse Shield Stun
- XML: little move to effect

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