Сборка сервера L2Regeneration - Revision 316 (Freya)

211: core optimiztaion
212: geoengine height checker
213: Antharas stats fix, retail Freya CH.
214: Valakas stats fixed, retail Freya CH.
215: Antharas GB modifered stats fixed (Freya)
216: global tasks update
217: Disciple
218: minor fix from Disc.
219: Hideout of the Dawn
220: Sanctum of the Lords of Dawn
221: xml's update (instances)
222: added event: Gift Of Vitality
223: added event: Heavy Medal
224: added event: Master Of Enchanting
225: added event: Squash
226: added event: The Valentine
227: faenor directory update
228: events offed, from default
229: Crystal Caverns changes
230: Social actions packets fix
231: Freya: stan dialogs update
232: Freya: Sel Mahum Diary - set is quest item
233: Freya: Sel Mahum Cookbook Page - set is quest item
234: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious release starting, .py
235: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious: npcids, drops, RND, items
236: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious: player level check & quest rate conn.
237: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious dialogs fixes
238: Freya: Sel Mahum's personal clan range zone control rework
239: Freya: Sel Mahum's zones spawns update
240: handlers moved from core, cleanup DP
241: Call To Core Handlers
242: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious fix, level condition
243: It Smells Deliciou quest changes, from moblist quesIt.drop (freya ch.)
244: reproduce It Smells Deliciou quest
245: core, ch sc.file changes
246: CRITICAL FIX: auction bid bug fix (CH Auct)
247: MINOR FIX: Login auth flood fix
248: supporting UDP method added (b.t)
249: activateInstances() method update
250: activateInstances() -.- TYPO FIX
251: Handlers optimization
252: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious reward fix, quest It Smells Delicious - FULLY RELEASE
253: Freya, starting releasing quest Rumble in the Base
254: CRITICAL FIX: Manor manager (private detalis infos)
255: CRITICAL FIX: Warehouse cache
256: CRITICAL FIX: SELL CRITICAL BUG (private detalis infos)
257: Freya: Quest Rumble in the Base, Shiny Salmon - set is quest item
258: Freya: Quest Rumble in the Base, Shoes String of Sel Mahum - set is quest item
259: from retail mode you cant auto use fishing shots -.-
260: cleanup Augmentation
261: MINOR FIX: fix jail bug
262: utils update, illegal actions
263: fix uncommon NPE
264: boolean method add, pvpChanceOnly
265: FIXED DEMIS.RIFT jumping -_-
266: wrongs system message's clenup and fixed
267: disconnected to abnormal? =\, remove floooooding logging =| (gs console)
268: small CPDRAIN correcting
269: L2SKILL cleanup
270: Crystal Caverns, alarm
271: Zone: adding tiat battle wait zone, SoD
272: serverpacket update (ExPVPMatchCCRetire)
273: Gracia Seeds update
274: warehouse cache system update
275: Handlers upd
276: Gracia: release quest: How to Oppose Evil
277: Gracia teleport, lionel, upd funct
278: Gracia: Seed Of Annihilation changes
279: Four Sepulchers manager minor fixes & litle cleanup
280: npcinstance upd
281: Unique Clan Halls: Devastated Castle (only Blanks from DP)
282: Unique Clan Halls: Fortress Of Resistance (only Blanks from DP)
283: Unique Clan Halls: Fortress Of The Dead (only Blanks from DP)
284: Unique Clan Halls: Rainbow Springs Chateau (only Blanks from DP)
285: supporting from core unique clan halls siege, ClanHallSiegeManager -.-
286: ClanHallSiegeManager, sysntaxis fixes
287: UniqueClanHalls.properties config added
288: supporting from core siege unique clan update
289: [unique clan halls siege - release v1.0 (Alpha test)]
290: dialogs from unic.CH siege added (not text, only function)
291: adding sql file from unique clan halls siege (clanhall_siege)
292: ClanHallSiegeManager, changes from registering
293: adding sql file (clanhall_siege_attackers)
294: ClanHallSiegeManager typo fixes
295: adding new sql files from autoinstall from db
296: unique clan halls siege, update siegeinfo packet
297: onItemUse method release
298: quest instance update
299: Item instance update
300: rainbow spring clan hall sql file added
301: opps, add sql from installer
302: util: random fix
303: Added 81+ skills from autolearn
304: bunch fixes
305: unique clan halls siege system update
306: Chimeras spawns moved from hellbound engine
307: celtus spawn moved from hellbound manager (spawn system)
308: remove chimeras AI - not used! ai located from core
309: cleanup pcinstance
310: HCallToCore update
311: Skills formulas update
312: CRITICAL FIX: sell tables cache cleaning
313: fix saved infos from players to db, optimizated -.-
314: Freya: Quest It Smells Delicious, small update from .py scr smile
315: Freya: RumbleintheBase, moved from devfolder [NOT DONE], releasing and next revision's
316: Lure skill update from stats (enchant,rdelay)

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