Сборка сервера L2j-ROK rev.205

Разработчик: L2j-ROK
Хроники: Interlude
Платформа: java

Posible Fix For Target Bug [ Thx Onix ] And Delete GmDisableTransaction
Revert Someting
DATA : Fix For http://forum.l2riseofking.ro/index.php?topic=78.0 I Tink
Fix For Gm Trade List
MMOCore Rework 1/3
MMOCore Rework 2/3
MMOCore Rework 3/3
Lib Update
CORE : Lib Update
ActionFailed is Now Called STATIC_PACKET
L2PcInstance Clean Up
Update ActionFailed.
Some restrictions for trade request were added.
Java Anti-Phx Enchant Fix
Typos ;) & Fix Some Oly Warning
Trade bug fix.
Java Force Bug Fix
Unknown Packets Protection
ByPass Protection
Chat Full Rework
Add More Flood Protection
Warning Clean Up
Warning Clean Up
Doormen - Retail Like :D
Warning Fix [ Need Test To See If Work Normaly ]
CORE : A Lot Of Skill Fix [Need Test]
DATA : A Lot Of Skill Fix [Need Test]
Typos No More Gs Error
Clean Up [Part 1]
Clean Up [Part 2]
Full Config Clean Up
Important Multiple Fixes
CORE : skillMastery Supported
DATA : skillMastery Supported
Oups My Mistake
CORE : Blessing Of Protection Support
CORE : EffectDebuff ADD
DATA : Fix BlessingOfProtection And Other
Retail Like - Now We Have It Updated :)
Added Some Synch
NPE & Buffs should not be restored on a subclass change Fix
Show How Many Mins Take To Load GameServer
players cannot restart while they are enchanting
Dont Increases PvP-PK Points When Kill The Enemy Summon :)
Update Soulshots / Spiritshots / B.Spiritshots Chat Message (Retail - Like)
Revert Something
Zaken, Sailren, IceQueen, Doctor Chaos, Baium, Antharas AI updated. Four Goblets quest added. Anharas quest works now.
Update For Rev. 184
No Need of Restarting to get clan skills
new package for olympiad
config look better now
login config,looks better now
protected from attacking programs - gameserver
protected from attacking programs - loginserver
second way to be protected - gameserver
second way to be protected - loginserver
some deletes
useful to avoid enchant bug
One builder for those that don't know how to compile
Fix //unpara Command
Fix Some Target Bug [Thx RuleZz For Report ]
Fix Atk Transfer Dmg On Summons (Blow)
Fix Boat System Like Retail
Bluff Fix
Fix For http://forum.l2riseofking.ro/index.php?topic=78.0 And All Potion Reuse Time
Posible Fix For Focus Attack
No More Need

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