L2 File Editor 2a [C4 to Freya]

ok hi all as good as you can see someone add this to the forum but did not put as much information about whether files bear skillgrp.dat npcgrp.dat and well I now tell them, also changed the icon is not no big deal but, good thing I did not like was that I add the chronically ill at the beginning of all being a little bad for my taste so I decided to change it, well some important information:


Author: Be3geBJIa3
Edition: CriticalError
Version: 2
Chronicles: C4 to Freya
Files:. Dat. Ini, ini htm among others.
Platform: Windows

Credits by Be3geBJIa3 for program and edition to me and pvlestat

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ibostar | Пятница 22.10.2010 15:25 [Материал]
Спасибо Автору biggrin biggrin biggrin




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