Программа L2j Dialog Maker v1.011 бета 7

Разработчик: Angakaran
Размер: 20 mb
Хроники: Все
Ревизия: 1.011 beta 7

Список изменений:

+ total ide remakeing (each doc in 1 editor is not working as good as I expected, so slowly reworking it to support many docs opened in 1 editor...)
+ many fixes. I would say I finally finished fixing UTF-8 support, but just today it had problem saving utf8 doc (dunno why yet, since problem appeared only once so far...)
+ image gallery a little reworked. should work faster + i've put npc "chat window" as pictures preview background, so now you see more or less how will it look in chat window, while still browsing through image gallery
+ fixed beta-6 annoying bug, that caused editor to loose focus sometimes, while editing html in it
+ added todo manager (you may add todo items to all documents; todo lines are coloured accordingly to todo priority; todo data are stored in file, located in the same folder as your .html document, but hidden and having "your_filename.todo" name)
+ changed left side navigation / tools panel to be shrinked to minimum by default (since its not used now anyway...)
+ fixed paste/copy/delete functions that after using them, didnt caused preview to refresh automatically
+ fixed synedit lib issue that caused app to hung up when maximizing window in huge desktop resolution (eg 1920x1200) while having large html opened and word wrap turned on...
+ fixed synedit lib issue with showing actual position in file, while scrolling through, as a "hint box" (disabled completely - crashes application)
+ fixed synedit lib issue causing corruption in editor box, when enabled extra line spacing
+ added support for bookmarks (ctrl+alt+0..9 to mark line, ctrl+0..9 then, to go to bookmarks)
+ and more changes, not visible yet, like skill editor, npc editor, database connectivity...

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