Сборка от команды l2jserver ревизия 7664

Разработчик: L2jserver

Размер: 19 mb
Хроники: Gracia Epilogue

Список изменений:

XML: Minor skill fixes.
XML: Missing "removedOnAnyActionExceptMove" in Sublime …
XML: Spoil skill should work in PVP when enchanted, and some others …
more better
HTM/JYTHON: Path To Hellbound update by Charus.
JAVA/XML/SQL: Minor fixes by Charus (yes again xD).
XML: [7627] partially reverted also for Divine Rogue Double Shot (work …
HTM: Typo Fixes, thanks Zoey76.
JAVA: fix issue with effect bluff in Blinding Blow, thanks nik
XML: Some skill fixes.
XML: Fix for Ticket #4155
XML: Spoil Festival in PVP when enchanted.
XML: Some Fixes for [7417].
JAVA/XML: Fixing CpDam/CpDamPercent? to land always, also included a …
JAVA/XML: DP-Part for [L4403] still not complete, more to come later…
XML: DP-Part for [L4405].
XML: Rest of [7660].
XML: Fixes... this happens when I commit something without sleep xD
Making branch for T2.4_DataPack, no more contributions in DP for now until …
Blinding Blow bluff effect correction (core part).
fix shop problem #4823
Minor updates. thx Akis
Fix for pet names, changing also status back if noname.
Summons and pets evade attacks in standby and follow modes. New AI event …
New skill parameter "saveVs", allowing override default (from skilltype) …
Sorry, this is too early, we still not ready to compute stats in this way …
New stat "limitHp" describing non-visible max HP limit. Old getMaxHp() now …
fix castle treasury, thx anynomous
Making branch for T2.4_GameServer, no more contributions in GameServer? for …

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Kisa1994 | Понедельник 11.04.2011 16:28 [Материал]

WildSven | Понедельник 02.08.2010 16:39 [Материал]
угу) думаю к концу Августа увидим первые релизы

DeMoN | Понедельник 02.08.2010 15:27 [Материал]
Последние ревизии эпилога, дальше (если не ошибаюсь) они будут делать фрею.




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