Сборка сервера от команды l2jbrasil ревизия 1349

Разработчик: L2JBrasil
Размер: 15 mb
Хроники: interlude
Ревизия: 1349

Список изменений:

Small fixes on loading Clan privs / Clan war targeting
Duplicate Cod in EnterWold? 
Fixes Admin command //move_to 
new boolean canTeleport / not use 'to village' in TvTEvent 
not need 
lil clean up 
revert zone.xml because of some errors … 
Changes Announcements pvp/pk for announce in shout standard (need test) 
Changes in //reload admin command 
Changes SQL Scheme added 2 dance and remove a wrong 
cleaning some lines blanks 
Remove [817] *Seperating Open and Close doors Config for TvT Event Engine
more respawn locations 
cant talk with npc if you sitting or in store mode 
Cursed weapon doesn't drop from.. some more instances. 
Char can use items while attacking,char can't use items while they have … 
NPE Fix 
Lightning Strike fixed 
Possible fix for stucking on forced attack (with ctrl) on the olympiad … 
Death Penalty doesn't have to appear or be increased when player … 
Olympiad restricted items  
typo in l2Clan / L2PcInstance remove some cod

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Pacific | Среда 28.07.2010 19:44 [Материал]
как настроить веря бафа? точней в каком конфиге,подскажите,буду очень благодарен.




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