Сборка сервера L2JInfinity ревизия 270

Размер: 20 Mb
Хроники: Gracia Epilogue
Рева: 270
Залито на: Deposit

Unclosed conection fix. Thx andr3iu7z.
CORE/DATAPACK: JAVA: fix //snoop <name>, thx JIV Mutated Kaneus quests …
Custom: NPC- Show Boss Respawn Thx janiii L2j
Fix For Give Vitality
Boss cancel reuse time is in core now...and in xml is not used anymore
Missing in Changeset 257
Hide And Seek event update. Thx kingzor for info.
Bloodshedparty fix. Thx kingzor.
Last Hero fix. Thx kingzor.
admin command to add olympiad points to a character (part 1,2)
Project update.
DATAPACK: jython: little changes Missing NPC's
Delevel npc ..script import
SystemMessageId? as class. Test version.
JIV: Fix oly spectator issues.
Not used script anymore.
Builder update.
DATAPACK: General Dilios AI HTM: Tags Fixes XML: Abnormals …
Delevel Npc
Revert [239]. This change will be in future (too much work with this for …
SystemMessageId? as class and messages update. Messages for PC Points are …
Last hero event manager.
Some skills done or partial done. Need to be tested..
Fix Admin Zone Check
CORE: Core support for physicalSkillPower. Thx devo. New effect …
[230] SQL part.
Little cleanup [230].
PC Bang Point Event. Not tested yet.
Release the Seal on Agathion - Kid Rudolph skill Some clean up
lvl 81+ skill tree..for pvp server..
Last Hero Event. Not complet...need to create registration npc
Builder update.
Some fixes: [224]
Handy Block Checker update and fix: …
DATAPACK: Expulsion of Evil Spirits update JAVA: fix for not working check …
CORE: Feature by demand: configurable boat broadcast radius. remove sync …
Show JAVA JDK not exist error in builder and in run scripts.
Little update in PaganTeleporters? and update for Eclipse project.
Fix For Frintezza ??
Pailaka61 67 Java Part 1
Remove reard from html
Capture the base event. not tested.
Builder update.

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DronAngeL | Суббота 03.07.2010 18:41 [Материал]
да )
как в л2 радар, ток вар появляется сразу таргет )

GameGuarD | Суббота 03.07.2010 10:54 [Материал]
у тя что радар ? как только я добавляю сборки ты сразу тут ))

DronAngeL | Суббота 03.07.2010 05:18 [Материал]
AM biggrin




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