L2JBrasil rev 1230

Размер: 15 Mb
Хроники: Interlude
Залито на: Turbobit, Deposit

Список изменений:
Skill fixes.
Chance fixed for mirage.It's 7/10.
Mirage rechecked!.
Skill fixes.Dodge,mirage,counterattack and others.
NPE in L2World.java
06/26/2010: Yesterday
Now raid boss respawn time will look more developed.
raid spawnlist cleanup
Fear skill fix, when fear is active by hitting its canceling. Turn …
fixed when cant unregister of olympiad
Added some msg on gameserver console and little cleanup.
Hero Custom Item's Id = 3481 Have a nice summer btw. smile
Skill fixes.
Correcting messages,Typos.
RequestDropItem? fully fixed.
Clean up
Login typos,clean.
Preventing some Olympiad bugs.
Clearing some overhit values.
Fixes for editcharacter and some errors.
Changes ClanHall?... (need test) reports in forum !
Flames skill fixed.
Cleaning up..
Can't enchant while moving. + Clean Up.
A retail like message fixed for ClanPenalty? !
CursedWeaponEquiped? user will gain retail like karma....,typos
Possible fix for mages balance
Typo fixes
Summoner won't use her/his own summon to attack,sleep herself/hisself
Move TVT Config…
reuseDelay dark Vortex & Curse of Doom tested - R4T0 -
dp typos & some skills fix
UseItem? exploit fix & OverEnchat? = true
cleanup in Formulas.java
Summons will flag + karma too. + typo
Cleaning Olympiad,+1 oly bug fixed.
Fix for cp/mage interupt skills.[Thanks bobi](fully tested)!
Rework new ActionFailed?() for FloodProtector?
Remove Gm name on announce not work
Config title color for noble & message on login
possible fix for …

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