L2JBrasil Rev 1085 Interlude

Размер: 17 MB
Хроники: Interlude
Ревизия: 1085
Залито на: Deposit
год: 2010

L2JBrasil Rev 1085 Interlude

Skill fixes
Skill fixes
Augment skill stuck exploit fixed.
Big Thnx Found Problem Thnx Jim
Exception : java.security.PrivilegedActionException?: …
missing quest 119_LastImperialPrince
Cleanup ..
//reload menu Admin added part DP
//reload menu Admin added part core
atualisando html do comando .aio, botoes,cores,etc…
Added Skill Modification time and Edit skill npc
One more Trade exploit fixed. :)
Skill fix.
HotspringsBuffs? added.
Fix for 999_C3Tutorial !
Typo Buyrec commando Config
Continue [1067] HTML files
AIO Voiced Command core , tnx Coyote™
boat fixed.
Why y cannot fix a idiot error
Questmanager fixed.
4 PPl got the same error do something all quests cannot import
Questmanager typo fixes.
ImportError?: no module named data at …
Skills: Debuff fix
BlessingOfProtection? Html file added!
typo fixes for L2CubicInstance !
typos fixes for RequestCrystallizeitem? !
Manor fix in Floran !
typos for tutorial.
Fix for newbie tutorial[it's not 100% tested]
More typos for L2SignsPriestInstance !
Door.csv fixes!
Wild Hog Cannon attack fixed.
Revival reusedelay fixed.
Hawk Spirit Totem fixed.
keyboard movement disabled.
wontfix: This suggestion will make some bugs.So ignored.
typo fix for MoveBackwardToLocation? .
501 Proof of Clan Alliance fixed.
defense auta,attack aura+might shield stuck fixed.Update your dp.[Tested]
Wind Walk+sprint stuck fixed.Update your dv.[tested]
Tradução 999_C3Tutorial e Continuação
i thing you must add an oly system fot balance oly and that can be chosen …
You should add function to configs That you can set custom buff time, …
When I start playing I get this error, I can play, use skills, but it …
More skill fix.
Clean up... :)
typo for b.soe!
You can unequip your weapon while attacking,typos.
5 and more skills fixed,some typos!
typos for the previous commit!
Player cannot restart while he/she is on oly,pvp,pk,enchant,dead,alikedead …
exploits fix
EnterWorld? fixes[Oly,exploit with doors]!
MultisellList? fixed.No more errors.
L2character npe fixed.
typo fixes

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