Java сборка от L2j Brasil, rev 671

Хроники: Interlude
Разработчик: L2j-Brasil
Размер: 16 mb

Список изменений: 

Config Part for Clan members Fixed
Config Part for Clan members count needed for increasing clan level
Add column hero into character table.
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'hero' …
java.lang.NullPointerException? at …
for (int i = 0; i <= 1; i++) { for (L2PcInstance player : …
only hoster can log in in game
Missing Config fix  
*rework MMOCore *Organize import to mmocore *possible NOOBISH ERROR fix
1/3 times that i make teleport i get error + noobish error 2 the mision …  
Updating html villagemaster.Possible fix for ticket 60
AutoLearnSkills? = true dont work error in gs Bad RequestBypassToServer?: …
what could be happened hannavalt that does not open sub section pls fix it …
HTM : information clan items/others Necessary to raise the level
updated clan lvl 9 & 10 any flaw or bug, please report
only hoster can login in game!!!!
error when tp elven vilage and giran! when a player have full adena cant …
for (int i = 0; i <= 1; i++) { for (L2PcInstance player : …
make config with gm and admin names
fixed: (In [657]) *custom spawn fix #53 *other fix
*custom spawn fix #53 *other fix
In game it writes no item handler…
Can u make a tvt option that aloowed to register 1 IP to TVT
Need core support for skill types: COREDONE (Need another typos..) and …
Sry forgot to commit
Fixed char spawn, was bad typos
possible fix for char spawn please test it
Support for Summon target.
Fix for rev 648.
Little correct from this ticket …
Sub class exploits fix 2
L2Brasil forget somothing hello you forgot add this code for make fixed …
support for Divine Inspiration
Preventing SubClass? exploits…
Oly exploits fix
Missing htmls.
*Exclucing GM's from Run Speed *new boolean charIsGM in L2Character.java
Finish duel before teleporting to the TvT event
possible fix for ticket #43
Please fix duoble kill. Kill 2 times one character in 1 second.. When …
bad spawn loc always in 0 cord
Hello, maybe L2JBRASIL can make system that characters can PVP/PK players …
helllo can you add a custom.property for add all the custom addon :D …
# When True, this will allow a person who changes subclasses to keep the …
AllowCustomNewSpawn? = true not working fix pls
fix for ActionFailed?
support for shift-click on players for gm (need test)Please give the error …
XML: Some values updated for Frintezza's Skills. Note: These skills are …
remove unused import
XML: Cleanup where "hitTime = 0"
XML: Correct critical stun skill
removing option file for Olympiad retail
Revert Olympiad to original l2jserver iL need test
reverting commit [618] tnx Dzinas Savas test before commit something to …
fix it fast!!!  
Zaken skills fixed correctly.
Reward skill after class transfer.
Typos - core.Make them in English plz next time :)…
Possible fix for char spawn.Give us a feedback plz.
sailren comportment AI add (need test)  
Fix it now ! Could not restore char data: …
When player register to olympiad ant other and other players can spect u , …
Could not restart char data: java.lang.NullPointerExeption?
Ok. im spend about hour, but im find the problem , problem maker - SaVaS, …
TvT Event onLogout() now called on disconnects too.
Avoid .gotolove exploit at siege start
Added drop for some RB.
Disabling link validation for npc html messages
Quake PvP System
XML Some magicLvl
If casting augmentation cannot prossesing.
Fast rb update after kill.
Fix for augmentation stacking.
XML: Elixirs Power Fix.
fix for last commit
XML : fix for #reflectDam
clean up
Rework SpawnTable?.java
remove welcomemessage
Invul characters should be able to decrease their hp  
Duplicate char names 
Some information to calm newbie game masters down and reduce entropy …
various fix.
don't custom moding ok
re-added option file for run speed / mctrl & pctrl /restrict for dagger & …
invalid: been many previous commit removed even my .. Please Commit it again and …
reverting files! Please committer just what need ok?
don't commit will reverse some things  
little fix in CursedWeapon?
According to retail: "The player wielding Zariche cannot give or accept …
Hardcoded fix for Warrior and Mage Bane skills. Warrior: will remove Haste …  
New Character spawns dead , at 0,0,0 coordinates. Fix it please ;] And …
Could not restore char data: …  
sorry for mistake... database installer work fine now
error instaling mods_buffer.sql and custom_notspawned.sql
no more errors on db installer
Fix please ;) Could not restore char data: java.lang.NullPointerException?
NPE fixes
The magic critical damage has been decreased to 3 times from 4 times of …
more skill fix in CombatPointHeal?.java  
GM Start up Diet Mode option in file L2JBrasil.properties
Correcting a minor issue with the //spawn command
typo in AllyInfo?   
I have deleted the mmcore for mistake fix it please *dont update!*
NPE fix
Custom PvP Sound System
Music addons for custom Sound PvP System
Phx critical error exploit fixed…
Sub class stacking bug Fixed!!!
L2Walker protection Added.Credits:Cobra.  
Char's bad coordination in spawn for all classes. When i look in my …
When create new char, he spawns at 0 0 0 cords, and error at gs Could …
Auction bug fixed.
Wedding exploit fix…
When new player spawn dies and can't use commands or etc... In GS "Could …
Little fix for CrownManager?.
Added reuse time to healing potion.
Fixed invocation skill.

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