Ява сборка от L2jBrasil rev 531

Ява сборка от L2jBrasil rev 531

Хроники: Interlude
Разработчик: L2j-Brasil
Размер: 16 mb

Список изменений:

Hello everybody :) Config refactoring part 1
Config refactoring part 2
Added Clan Notice.
Include Localitation VoiceCommand? Ex: .grian, .aden Include Towns/Villages …
Correction for clan notice. Tested and work fine :)
Fix for newbie buffer.
fix for quest 610 typo.
Raid Boss Spawn Announcements
TvT & Oly at same time exploit fixed
Preventing frenzy and other bugs in olympiad. It will heal the olympiad …
Added Tattoos Status
the skill mirage has no effect
Core: [GM] Name on Announce :D
Config for Gm name on announce!
fix skill mirage for DP #3
*fix skill mirage for Core 3 *removing warring L2JBrasil.java * …
fixed: fixed !
Clean up ..
sorry revert commit [477]
XML: NPC Clan Buff - Berserk Might.
SQl : skill_trees.sql insert skill mirage
Core Buffer Added.
Starter Quests as per C3 ;]
missed file
Rework AioItem? pt/1
removing [373]
Continue [485] removing file
Banking System added
ClanhallManager? cant use Support Magic if MP is lower then needed MP.
Continue [487] added file Banking.java
Fixes MP consume for "stance" type toggle skills based on player level.
Adding some action failed so that players do not get stuck.
skills the 1419 and 1420 has no effect
the skill Shield of Revenge and Counterattack is also without effect.
Renamed Quest
typo fix
Config refactoring part 3
Config refactoring part 4
import quest error fix
Possible fix for Mirage
NpcSay? Packet add
Fix Localitation VoiceCommand?
FIX ALL VOICECOMAND ¡¡Do not forget to register in …
fix imports
Banking System FloodProtector?.
MOG SkillType?
Volcano and Cyclone fixed.
*Both clans need to declare war to use pvp skills without flag *Ambos os …
rework last commit duplicated line ¬¬
sync l2j / Little fixes: 1) Cleaning guard home location code 2) …
fix for banish players
not need
ad L2JBrasil restart, configurable in Config
Rework MMOcore
small fix.
summon aggro transfer to its owner when it dies - if a servitor (or pet) …
some quests update
Fix for Phoenix Blessing
little fixes skills type
Rework welcome message now option in Config

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