Ява сборка от L2JTeon - rev 688

Ява сборка от L2JTeon - rev 688

Разработчик: Teon
Хроники: Interlude
Размер: 19 Mb

Список изменений: 

Fix DataBase Install for Linux system! Thanks: SorrioN.
Fix Sonic Move!
Fix for Start L2j Teon in Linux system
Fix for bug of player dead with noblesse.
Cleanup for lasted revisions.
Completed Quest Engine of L2j Teon.
No more errors in GS now!
Fixed Silence Move.
Mobs Balanced: Fight, Mage, Priest, Archer and Healer.
Fixed Mobs: SS and BSS.
L2j Teon system of attacker players separated in: Mobs, Bosses, Summons and Players.
L2j Teon Pack with more performance now!
For uses DATAPACK, install new database.
Implementation '''PART - FINAL.'''
Fixado problema com "to village" em eventos by DanielMwX
Possible fix for: Player kill TargetPlayer Flag and change status goto Karma.
Possivel correcao para: Jogador mata o jogador flag e muda os status para Karma.
Fix for Pre-Frenzy Olympiadas
Added function for GameMaster: Allow edit skills npcs in game.
Adicionado funcao para GameMaster: Permitido editar skills npcs dentro do jogo.
Fixes missing: Quest System of L2j Teon.
Correcoes ausentes: Sistema de Quest do L2j Teon.
Small Cleanup.
Pequena limpeza.
Fix for reflect of skill Counterattack.
Fix for pagan teleporters.
Correcao para Pagan Teleporters.
Removed script, cause big problem in active this file: "Pack uses 100% of CPU".
Removido script, causa grande problema em atiavar esse arquivo: "Pack usa 100% da CPU".

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