L2jserver Gracia Epilogue rev.7079

L2jserver Gracia Epilogue rev.7079

Размер: 22.4 MB
Хроники: Gracia Epilogue
Платформа: x64, x86


Relations update.
Unstuck + rr = no target
"Fix" for duplicate quest variables. Actually core will overwrite them, …
Prevent change weapon during enchant.
duplicate: remove button ? what are you talking about ? the buttos are …
why not add this as it is in the alt g menu if not in l2j then remove the …
invalid: Not done and DP problem.
Blood Alliance siege reward, thanks Probe. Possibly custom.
invalid: No such command in l2jserver.
send home
invalid: DP problem.
invalid: Not done and DP task.
Calculate Heal Amount Wrong
minor updates.
Ancient Tome of the Demon
Hero skills fix, thanks Gnacik
Fix for flag during fort siege.
fixed: (In [3925]) Fixes #4399 Thanksf or reporting
Fixes #4399 Thanksf or reporting
consolegameserver error
Raidbosses do not attack after a time
Holding references pointing to frequently used hardcoded skills in an …
changeset: 3922 broke 255_Toturial on enter world
Failed executing HitTask.
SQL: Transformation scroll fix, thanks _DS_
SQL: Range correction after few tests on official
SQL: base values must be divided by 2 in that case
rift bug
Updates in the npcs itself, not by query
SQL: Defenders correction
XML: Ecliptic Sword SA removal
fixed: [7073]
XML: Fix for Ticket #3834
skill 9082
XML: Updating Skills for [7071].
SQL: Updating some "items skills", due that skill "8313" not exist now.
XML: Updating "skills/skills containers" to match latest client update.
XML: Missing "MP Bonus" in some jewels.
XML: When transforming into vanguard, decrese in defence effect have been …
I have this error on my server
XML: xml part for [7063]
invalid: Use forum for discussions about not-done things.
fixed: Fixed in [7066]
XML: Missing armor xml's from [7059]
missing xml
SQL: Updating "npc.sql" to match latest client update.
SQL: Updating "weapon.sql" to match latest client update.
SQL: Updating "etcitem.sql" to match latest client update.
the calculating of Heal Amount is wrong
SQL: Updating "armor.sql" to match latest client update.
Updates in the item itself, not by query
@641_attacksailren! quest
SQL: Correct slots for hair accessories. Also some items update.
wontfix: not a bug, they are not done yet.
Wolf Skillls
Hero history
SQL: Giants Cave mob skills. Thanks Bloodshed for active list.
Giants Cave quests. Note1 : Not working yet (rewards) but i decide …
Finishing [7020] thanks BiggBoss?
Territory Jewels to GM Shop Territory Section
SQL: Mob stats update
XML: Fixes (weird fixes for weird NCZ0ft typos) for "icons" in Territory …
XML: Some missing enchant values
XML/SQL: Hellbound (Town Zone)

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