Ява сервер Lineage 2 Gracia Plus L2jServer rev. 6891

Ява сервер Lineage 2 Gracia Plus L2jServer rev. 6891

Размер: 17 мб
Хроники: Gracia Plus (epilogue)
Разработчики: l2Jserver
Описание: Очередная сборка от разработчиков 
l2Jserver - Gracia Plus rev. 6891.
Как всегда много вкусного и интересного :)
Залито на: 4shared


- Baium Script Update
- NPE fix for Crystal Caverns
- Missing weapon weaknesses and resists from skill definitions
- Fix for Icarus Kamael Weapons
- Minor fix for "Boost Morale" skill by horny. 
- Some fixes in Primeval Isle Zones.
JAVA: Sshot code update
JAVA: Little fix for chat handler
JAVA: Save siege time in db after admin change
HTML: Missing html, also two unused
HTML: Update to retail
XML: Various multisell fixes
XML: Reseal masterwork A grade gloves and boots in sealed
XML: True Berserker fix + clean
XML: mpConsume typo
XML/SQL: Missing enchant route for "Soul Shock"
XML: Multisell update
XML: Incorrect time
XML: Missing enchant routes for Aura of Hate and Aggression
SQL: Missing "Kasha Dire Wolf" spawns
SQL: Fixing some incorrect weapons for pagan mobs.
SQL/HTML : Missing html and item update
JAVA/XML: Vanguard Improvements (Gracia Epilogue)

- summon status update fix
- party member position fix, thx denser 
- other little corrections 
- another java code settings
- Fix for Kamael rush skills (not targetable character).
- Not only GMs can use admin commands. 
Support for color -1 in access_levels table (do not change current color). 
Remove obsoleted comment.
- Danger Area support.
- Check items restrictions after teleporting finished: for instance-locked items.
- debug info for L2defender.
- reset manor support
- Account manager update.
- Damage zone rework, should be activated only by attackers.
- server side name for static objects.
- Fix for private buy.
- NPE fix.
- Fix for kamael steal buff - running with active UD.

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