Java сервер Lineage 2 Interlude от l2JOff рев. 125

Java сервер Lineage 2 Interlude от l2JOff рев. 125

Размер: 12 мб

Хроники: Interlude

Разработчики: l2jOff

Описание: Новая ревизия от команды l2jOff.

Залито на: 4shared


rework announce.java

Rework Mulltisell Black İcon

Wyvern Exploit At Olympiad

Augment items can not be discarded.

Olympiad res Fixed !

Party duel Oly Exploit fix

Dash Buff Skill Fixed

Allow/Restrict Gk If Flagged config (must be tested)

Rework SQLAccountManager.java

Fixed Bug with Char Targeting

Allow to deposit and withdraw items using clan hall warehouse

Fix: Weapon Sa ( Dispell )

rework SendWareHouseDepositList.java

Enchant Exploit Fix! You cant restart while enchanting.

Fix Level Up in GM Panel

More than 1 RaidBoss spawned !

Olympiad Editable Now 2weeks !

Donators can restart, log out while fighting

Blow Skills are using soulshots

a Potion Exploit temp. fix

Small Wedding Fix. Don't Need to restart in order to be a couple !!

Toggle Skills Remain On Weapon Exploit. Not Anymore.

Clan Gate DP Support

pReuse Core Support ( not completely done. just to support dp )

Necklace of Valakas Fixed By eXxX

ALLOW gms to trade nontradeable items

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