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L2[OFF]Sod x45 Interlude
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The server is about to open at the 22th of November as beta.

Server Information
Exp: x45
Sp: x45
Adena: x15
Party Xp: x1.5
Party Sp: x1.5
Drop Items: x15
Spoil Items: x15
Epic Raid's: x1
Raid Items: x10
Quest Drop: x5
Quest Rewards: x5 (Not all Quest's)
Drop Sealstones Rate: x1.5
Manor Drop Rate: x1

Clan System
Working Clan System (Available Shop Item  Level 3/4/5).
One clan is available to register for ClanHall when is Level 6 (Avoid Bot Clans).
When a hero is nominated, his clan receives 1000 Reputation Points.
When you kill a clan member for enemie clan receive +1 point per kill.
When a member of the academy sucessfully completes the 2nd class transfer, the clan receives 400 Reputation Points.
A clan can also obtain reputation points by killing level 70+RaidBosses.
When the clan successfully kills Epic RaidBosses it will receive 1000 Reputation Points.

Olympiad System

Olympiad Period's 2 weeks from 20:00-02:00 GMT+1.
You need at least 10 fights with 1 win to become a hero of your class.
You will not be able to sing up in the olympiad games during Siege.
Hero System and retail like Hero skills (Available for main class only).

SubClasses/Nobless System

Free SubClasses Available Sub's (3).
Retail like Nobless System (Available Shop Items Hellfire oil & Lunaragents).
Increased Barakiel Level to (80).
Spawn time of Barakiel has been set to (6 Hours).
L2 SoD Server Machine & Protection's\n

Windows: Windows Server 2012 64Bit
Ram: 64Gb
Hard Disk Main: SSD 250Gb x2
Hard Disk BackUp: SATA 1T X1
Internet Connection: 1000Mbs
CPU: Intel Core i7-3930 3.20Ghx x8
DDos Protection: HyperFilter
Client & Server Side Protection: Custom
Aio System
Aio's get all the buffs/dances/songs.
Aio's can't leave out of Towns (If they move out they will be teleported BACK).
Aio's can't register in Olympiad Event .
Aio's can't register in Events.
Aio's Mp Regeneration 500 per Second.

WebSite: http://l2sod.com/
Forum: http://l2sod.com/forum/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/l2SoulOfDivinity
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Epl4KumtF68

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Форум L2edit.Ru » Нейтральная полоса » Реклама серверов » L2[OFF]Sod x45 Interlude (L2[OFF]Sod x45 Interlude)
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